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Bag-on-Valve (BoV) is a barrier packaging technology for companies with liquid or viscous products, looking to stand out from the competition.

Why not use traditional aerosols? In comparison to traditional aerosols, BoV separates your product from the propellant, keeping your product pure. BoV packaging is 100% recyclable, leaving a low ecological footprint.

And most importantly, Bag-on-Valve is convenient and reliable for the end-user.

Bag-on-Valve Manufacturers and Suppliers

The Bag-on-Valve system, used to make the final products, are manufactured and sold by international companies we are highlighting below.

MBC Aerosol
MBC manufactures new aerosol and bag on valve filling machinery and furnishes complete production lines from start to finish.

They work with you to ensure you are choosing the correct machinery for your individual company’s needs.

If you are entering into the world of aerosols for the first time or you have already been in the business for years, MBC Aerosol can assist you with your project, large or small, from beginning to end.


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Pamasol systematically sets out to achieve the best solutions for its customers.

They have been a pioneer of innovative standards in the aerosol industry for the last 50 years. Pamasol provides expert support and know-how for companies seeking to develop their full potential in aerosol and spray systems. They serve clients worldwide.


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Producer of machinery and product filling of the highest quality.

Zigler is continuously developing with the latest technologies and the best components. We are proud to partner with this company as together we provide innovation to BoV technology and all our clients.


Watch This Video With Footage From The Zigler Basic Automatic BOV Production Line