Bag-on-Valve Technology Is A Dynamic Spray-Dispensing System

Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology improves products in a range of industries, including pharmaceutical, occupational safety, cosmetic, or food.

We know it leads to:

  • Longer shelf life
  • better angle for dispensing
  • more effective propellant (non-flammable aerosol)
  • less or no preservatives.

Compared to traditional aerosol spray technology (and another alternative packaging), BOV has several benefits, for manufacturers, consumers and the environment.

Improve Your Brand By Offering A Better Product To The Market

Here Are Some Of The Benefits Of BoV Technology
Environmentally Friendly
Without harmful aerosols, you'll create a more sustainable product that consumers will appreciate.
Customers Love It
The many features of BoV make it a superior packaging compared to traditional alternatives.
Production Is Simple And Quick
You'll love partnering with Aurena Labs as you discover how quickly you can get quality products to the market.
Partner With Aurena Labs For Your Next Launch
Infrastructure and suppliers have changed over the years making it simple to make a change in how you do business today.

We know how hard it is to keep up with ever-changing technology. It is tempting to stick with old suppliers with dated technology. The consequences of doing this are dire for the future of your company.

At Aurena Labs,we were early adopters of BoV technology (over 20 years). We partner with companies all around the world, helping them leverage the power of BoV. We have a network of vendors from all around the world. We help you get what you need to make the most of Bag-on-Valve technology.

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More Benefits of Bag-on-Valve Technology:
  • Up to 100% product emptying
  • Longer shelf life with fewer preservatives
  • Even and controlled spraying pattern at any angle
  • No pumping motion needed
  • Fully recyclable
  • Suitable for both liquid and viscous products
  • No need for flammable propellants
  • Hygienic and sterilisable
  • Used with eco-friendly air or nitrogen

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