Keep Your Products 100% Clean and Protected

With the total separation of product and propellant, a bag with superior barrier properties, and complete oxygen protection Bag-on-Valve is the optimal solution for pharmaceutical and health products. Together with clean room production and gamma irradiation sterility can be guaranteed – even when the can has been opened.

Contact-free dispensing.

A Bag-on-Valve aerosol produces a smooth and even layer of spray plaster, barrier cream or whatever product is desired – without any need for additional hand spreading. Thus resulting in advantages in hygiene and patient integrity.

Controlled spraying pattern at all angles.

With its fine mist and controlled spraying force Bag-on-Valve is suitable for direct dispensing even in such sensitive areas as eyes or ears – even in children. And since a Bag-on-Valve aerosol functions equally good at all angles it is easy to use – even in emergency situations.

Full spraying effect until emptied.

In products such as occupational safety eye washes the effective flushing time has to be as long as possible. This can be achieved with very fine spray actuators and a controlled discharge flow rate. Thanks to the separation of product and propellant Bag-on-Valve offers a more constant pressure until the last drop.

Saline Solutions – The Salt of the Earth
Today saline solutions aerosols are used in several different applications, such as nasal sprays, wound treatment sprays, ear cleansing sprays, eyewashes and contact lens care products. The market for these products is constantly increasing.


Considering the high hygienic and functional demands on saline solutions aerosols, Bag-on-Valve is the natural choice for virtually all application areas. The superior barrier properties results in longer shelf life and guaranteed sterility until the product is sully emptied, which reduces the risk for outdated products being used. And the fine and controlled saline solutions spraying pattern makes dispensing safe and comfortable even in sensitive areas.

The saline solutions used contain a variety of salt from different places on the Earth, such as sodium chloride, seawater and mine salt from the Himalayan Mountain.

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