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Trusted Bag-On-Valve Solutions Start With Trusted Suppliers

Trusted suppliers lead to trusted bag-on-valve solutions

As a contract manufacturer specialising in bag-on-valve technology, Aurena is committed to delivering exceptional products to its customers. But in this blog post, we would like to put focus on the suppliers of components and machines that help companies like Arena be successful. Together we make this packaging technology suitable for many existing and new products.

A Leading Supplier: Aptar Group

The largest supplier of bag-on-valve components today is Aptar Group, which was formed by the merge of a number of leading companies offering different product distribution systems. The bag-on-valve business at Aptar originates from the acquisition of EP Spray System and Seaquist Perfect Dispensing several years ago. EP Spray System of Neuchatel, Switzerland is considered to be the driving force in developing the modern bag-on-valve market.

An important creative mind behind the success of bag-on-valve has been Mr. Georges Buille who was the Marketing Manager at EP Spray and then became the VP of Business Development OTC at Aptar Group. Mr. Buille’s commitment to spreading the word about bag-on-valve has had a significant impact in establishing bag-on-valve at the front of innovative dispensing solutions. He recently left the packaging industry to pursue other challenges and Aurena is grateful and appreciative of his outstanding achievements.

Other suppliers that serve the aerosol industry with bag-on-valve components

  • Lindal Group: Known for trusted BOV components and a strong commitment to innovation. Lindal is leading the development of BOV technology for food applications, such as the edible oils.

  • Coster: The Italian company Coster is another great supplier of bag-on-valve with a complete range of components. Costar is the only company in the bag-on-valve industry that supplies both the dispensing system as well as the necessary filling machines.

  • Power Container: Offers unique bag-on-valve system based on PET pouches.

  • Precision Valve: A global aerosol component supplier that also offers bag-on-valve.

  • Summit: The Summit bag-on-valve system consists of a lower cost BOV based on a three-layer pouch.

In addition to these suppliers, there are also suppliers based in China and the Czech Republic that are offering bag-on-valve components. Three worth noting are Majesty Valves, EC Packing and KOH-I-NOOR.

It’s not only the components that are essential to effective and efficient bag-on-valve packaging — the aerosol filling machines are also very critical. These machines are designed specifically for bag-on-valve filling. Trusted suppliers include Pamasol, MBC Aerosol, Coster, Terco, RA Jones, COS-MA.R. and Aerosol Systems Company (ASC).

If you are looking to work with a bag-on-valve contract manufacturer or need private label medical devices, make sure they are partnered with solid suppliers offering the latest in component innovation and technology.

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