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Integrity of Brands: Benefits of Private Labelled Medical Devices

Bag on Valve (BOV) products for the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets are often manufactured by contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs), such as Aurena. For sterile products, some CMOs of BOV can offer aseptic production while other products achieve sterility by use of terminal gamma irradiation. Other benefits include, decreased cost of development or increased marketing opportunities for the products. Whatever the reason, BOV contract manufacturing organizations are an efficient, environmentally friendly and cost effective solution to source new healthcare products.

Benefits of Aurena’s Product Program

Bag-on-ValveAs an alternative to contract manufacturing of customer specific products, Aurena Laboratories, offers already CE-marked medical device products, developed in-house, for companies to sell and distribute under their own brands. The brand name and artwork design of the new private label will be added to the technical file (dossier) of the registered product and become a part of the registered product.

The procedures will be different depending on the classification of the product. Depending on the type of contractual arrangement between the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)  and the brand owner (Own Brand Labeller)  it can be either the OEM or the brand owner that is stated as the legal manufacturer. This can ensure total integrity of the brand, as the original production source is not disclosed on the packaging.

Reducing the cost of Bag on Valve Contract Manufacturing

Aurena’s advanced Bag on Valve manufacturing process has the ability to reduce the overall cost of a companies products, such as; emollient, nasal sprays, saline solution, eye washes and several more, through an advanced process, starting at the project start, right through to transportation of final products.

  • With BOV the cost per ml can often be decreased, particularly regarding nasal sprays with a filling volume of 50ml and upwards, compared to pump sprays that normally contain a lesser filling volume.
  • For transportation, the BOV products are classified as aerosols (UN 1950). For the healthcare market the cans are most often made of aluminium, even if tinplate BOV systems are also available. The cans are also light to carry and normally fit into the recycle programmes established in most countries.
  • The bag on valve cans also offer marketing opportunities, represent quite a large display area in the store and can be designed in a highly attractive way, giving the brand name a high degree of exposure.

Who packages your aerosol products?

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