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Questions Answers
Is the propellant flammable? No. The Bag-on-Valve system uses air or nitrogen as propellants, which makes the product unflammable and with no negative effects on the ozone layer.
Can I turn the bottle upside down? Sure! The possibility to spray at all angles is one of the major advantages of Bag-on-Valve.
Does the propellant ever come into contact with the product? No. With Bag-on-Valve the propellant is completely separated from the product. The product is filled into the bag and the propellant is filled into the area between the bag and the can.
What kinds of products are suitable for Bag-on-Valve? Virtually all liquids along with lotions, gels, creams and certain types of ointments.
Does Bag-on-Valve mean I don’t have to use as much preservatives in my product as I would otherwise? Because of the complete separation of the product from the surrounding air/oxygen, the use of preservatives can be reduced. This must be tested in each case. In some cases the product can be sterilized to avoid the need for preservatives.
Is the product protected from oxygen? The Bag-on-Valve aerosol is a one way system where nothing gets in, neither through the valve nor the bag. Not even oxygen.
What is the degree of emptying? The degree of emptying with Bag-on-Valve ranges from total to very high, depending on product characteristics and package configuration.
Is post filling sterilization possible? Yes, sterilization through gamma radiation is common in pharmaceutical applications. It is important to perform extensive test on components and ingredients to ensure radiation endurance.
Is the system heat/cold resistent? The Bag-on-Valve aerosol generally stands heat and cold very well, but tests must be conducted on each individual product.
What about recycling? What recycling system to be used varies from country to country.The Bag-on-Valve system contains no flammable propellants, but a minor pressure remains in the can after emptying.
Do I have to use certain cans and actuators with the Bag-on-Valve system? No, standard aerosol cans and actuators can be used.
What product sizes are suitable for Bag-on-Valve? Sizes from 30 ml up to 500 ml are available as standard products.