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Aluminum Aerosol Sprays

It’s no secret that with the threat of climate change, the need to recycle has become greater. Countries have made impressive infrastructure changes to prevent citizens from retiring recycleable materials in a landfill. And, companies, such as pharmaceutical manufacturers are taking on the responsibility of reducing their ecological footprint through innovative and creative changes in company culture and manufacturing process.

Bag on Valve (BoV), an aerosol packaging used by contract manufacturing companies, like Aurena Laboratories, is another example of innovative company that use aluminum for their product cans. By using aluminum they are able to make lightweight, flexible products and no other material obstructs light, air (oxygen), damp and germs like aluminum does.

Did you know that aluminum is considered to be almost unlimited as a metal resource? Over 8% of the earth’s surface consists of aluminum. And, unlike metals used in traditional aerosols, aluminum can be used over and over again.

The need for change is critical with companies, as citizens and countries are taking big steps to ensure a green future. That is why Bag on Valve and aluminium cans should be your next choice for aerosol spray packaging.

Want to learn more? Take a look at this presentation, developed by Aurena Laboratories.