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Benefits of Bag on Valve

Food and Beverage Products in Bag-On-Valve Take Taste and Convenience to the Next Level

Bertolli olive oil spray uses Bag-on-Valve packaging to keep the product fresher, longer.

Imagine the convenience and health benefits of adding just the right amount of a food product to your daily snacks and meals. No mess, no waste — just pure, delicious food.

It can be possible with food products in bag-on-valve packaging.

The driving force behind this more recent innovation has been the demand for convenient, safe and environmentally friendly packaging that keeps the product fresh longer without sacrificing taste or presentation. Add to this the growth of busy, urban lifestyles, cooking for one, health consciousness, and minimizing time and waste — it’s no surprise that bag-on-valve packaging has become more interesting for developers and marketers in the food and beverage industries.

Food and beverage products suitable for bag-on-valve packaging

With this in mind, we’ve seen more companies take on the development and testing of food and beverage products in BOV. The product options continue to expand into new, and one might even say, unexpected territory. What started with oils has emerged into a pantry full of goods, including:

  • Edible oils — it is possible to create sprayable oils with any additives
  • Salad dressings
  • Concentrated coffee to make ice coffee or lattes – just add cold or hot milk
  • Pancake batter
  • And why not a good wine…

Wine in Bag-on-Valve packaging is being developed to maintain the quality of wine in an opened bottle.

Our personal favourite is wine. With bag-on-valve you can hopefully soon pour a glass of a nice Australian Shiraz wine without exposing the remaining wine to light or oxygen. This helps to maintain the quality of the wine, even if it’s an “opened” bottle. With the new transparent PET-aerosol cans and also a transparent bag inside you can also see through both the can and the bag so you know how much wine is left. Wine in bag-on-valve isn’t on the market yet, but we are hoping to start producing samples in the near future.  Let me know if you want to be among the first to try…

Benefits of using bag-on-valve packaging

The primary benefit of food and beverages in bag-on-valve is the freshness and purity. The product itself is separated from the propellant and protected from light and air. This ensures integrity of the product and helps keep food fresher and tastier longer. The packaging also offers the following benefits:

  • Precise, efficient usage – spray where the product is needed.
  • Less waste and mess – use only what you need.
  • Convenient, practical and even a little bit fun to use.
  • Environmentally friendly – fully recyclable.

What foods and beverages would you like to try in bag-on-valve?

The possibilities are almost endless for product development using this packaging technology. Is there a food or beverage you’d like to try innovating in BOV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, send via email or join us on Twitter.

What pharma companies can learn from the success of bag-on-valve sunscreen

Bag-on-valve technology allows sunscreen to be sprayed from any angle.

Picture this: you’ve just arrived to a sunny destination and are digging in your suitcase for sunscreen. You discover that your bottled lotion-based products have leaked all over your beach wear. Now you have a mess to deal with and have lost much of the sun protection that you needed for the week.

Is the packaging of your lotion, cream or gel-based product causing this problem for your customers? We’re here to tell you that modern options exist to make application, effectiveness and even transport easier and worry-free for your customers. The solution is bag-on-valve.

The success of bag-on-valve for consumer products

Bag-on-valve has been a huge success in sunscreen sprays, particularly in the US and Canada. Coppertone was the first big brand to launch it, but now it is readily available by many brands including store brands and private label brands. Recognizing the success of bag-on-valve for sunscreen, prompted Vaseline to introduce their Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer. This is a significant innovation in consumer product application, allowing the user to apply lotion from any angle without the need to rub it in.

What does this mean for your pharma spray products?

Apply sunscreen without having to rub it in when using a product with bag-on-valve technology.

The key benefits and selling features for sunscreen and moisturizers in bag-on-valve are the same for those buying or using pharma spray products:

  • Continuous spray at any angle: makes application easy for those with mobility issues or with wounds or skin care issues that are difficult to reach

  • No need to rub in the product: allows for comfortable application without cross contaminating

  • No chilling or stinging effect: minimizes pain

  • Attractive packaging: makes your product stand out on store shelves

  • The can doesn’t leak: a convenient, worry-free experience

The other important benefit of bag-on-valve technology is the guarantee of product integrity due to how it’s packaged. Imagine offering your customers a sterile continuous eye wash spray for emergency first aid use, or a saline-based nasal spray that makes cleaning the nasal cavity gentle and convenient? It’s possible with bag-on-valve.

Learn from what sunscreen brands have already embraced and consider bag-on-valve technology for your pharma spray product. Contact us to make it happen.

Bag-on-valve feature in Spray Magazine

We are proud to be featured in a recent issue of Spray Magazine, with an article that highlights the integrity of bag-on-valve products. Click the image below to read the full article. For more information, contact us to discuss opportunities to innovate your medical device into bag-on-valve.

Aurena Laboratories is proud to be featured in a recent issue of Spray Magazine featuring bag-on-valve products.

The Importance of Barrier Laminates in Bag-On-Valve Packaging

We’ve already shared with you how bag-on-valve (BOV) technology keeps the product separate from the propellant. But did you know about the importance and role of the multiple layers of laminates in the bag?

The concept of bag-on-valve technology is the combination of an airless one-way valve system and modern barrier pouch packaging. The BOV laminated films creates a barrier that prevents interaction between the product and the environment. This means oxygen, dust, contamination, light, mechanical impact, gas and moisture are not exposed to the product. The result is a protected and in some cases sterile product.

What makes the lamination films special?

The barrier laminations used in bag-on-valve typically consist of a four material layer with adhesives in between. Extensive research has gone into developing these laminates and each layer has a specific purpose that guarantees the chemical and mechanical resistance based on the filled product. Below is a graphic describing the layers of the lamination film used in a typical BOV product.

Barrier laminations used in bag-on-valve typically consist of a four material layer with adhesives in between

How are the laminates made?

The bag-on-valve laminated films arrives to the BOV component manufacturers in large rolls. In the bag-on-valve production process, the laminate is folded and welded into a pouch, which is then welded to the aerosol valve. This makes a hermetically sealed BOV package. Each BOV is then leak tested in the production line before being shipped to the customers for product filling.

The laminated films in BOV products from Aurena comes mainly from the leading laminate supplier Amcor. They are today the premier source of laminates for the international BOV-industry.

If you would like to partner with Aurena to manufacture your medical device into bag-on-valve packaging, please contact us to make it possible.

Helping the Environment with Modern Bag-on-Valve Technology

Bag on Valve Aerosol Spray

Bag-on-valve remains one of the most innovative and unique ways to package and dispense pharmaceutical andmedical device products. But did you know that it reduces the environmental footprint during the packaging process and life cycle of the product?

In this slide presentation, we explain how.

Ready to help the environment one spray at a time? Evolve your product into bag-on-valve technology with the bag on valve experts at Aurena.

Why bag-on-valve is a superior aerosol

When choosing a dispensing solution for your pharmaceutical, cosmetic or nutritional product, there are many traditional solutions available: jars, tubes, aerosols, just to name a few. But why not consider the many benefits of modern bag-on-valve aerosol technology?

The following is a brief slide presentation describing the benefits of bag-on-valve over traditional aerosol. Read through to find out why many of our partners are now enjoying this superior technology for their brands.


Interesting in learning more? Contact us!

Bag On Valve: Separating Your Aerosol Product From The Propellants

Many companies spend millions of dollars every year developing, manufacturing and approving their products. Some companies will turn to aerosol packagings to house their healthcare products. But have you ever wondered what is used to drive the product out of the can?

Traditional aerosol cans are designed to mix the propellant with the product. Therefore, what cost your company a lot to develop, manufacture and approve, must then be mixed with a Bag On Valve Spray Canpropellant to dispense your healthcare product.

Bag on Valve, is used as an alternative method to package pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Unlike traditional aerosol packaging, Bag on Valve (BoV) keeps the product separate from the propellant, housing it in a film laminate bag, which is welded to an aerosol valve. Therefore, your precious product maintains its integrity and remains separate from propellants at all times.

How Bag on Valve products are manufactured

Standard BoV packaging covers a broad range from 30 to 500 ml containers. BoV typically uses standard aerosol aluminium cans with 1 inch can openings, together with foil-based packaging bags of four-layer film laminates (for instance PET/ALU/OPA/PE). The film laminate bag is welded to the aerosol valve, which is crimped to the aerosol can in the filling process.

Due to the low permeability rate, BoV is also compatible with commercially available liquefied propellants. These propellants make good choices for products that call for a steady dispensing rate over the life of the can, such as post-foaming gels and creams.

What products are suited for Bag on Valve packaging?

Almost all fluids and more viscous products can be filled into a BoV system, as long as the product’s viscosity is low enough to get it through the valve stem. However, the system does not work well with products that need to be shaken before use, since the bag is filled and doesn’t improve mixing when shaken.

Keeping your product pure

When choosing your next aerosol spray medical device packaging, we suggest you talk to the Bag on Valve specialists and see if your product is best paired with BoV packaging.


Why BoV Packaging is Superior to Traditional Aerosols

BoV vs Traditional Aerosols

Why BoV Packaging is Superior to Traditional Aerosols

To many consumers that enter a supermarket on a daily bases, the quality of an aerosol can may just be another concern that goes overlooked. However, to the industry buyers and manufacturers, an aerosol can can be the difference between an average product and a premium product.

The superior Bag on Valve (BoV) system is developed to not only produce a superior spray dispensing system, but to reduce our ecological footprint through a sustainable packaging process. Compared to traditional aerosol spray technology, BoV aerosols have several benefits for manufacturers, consumers and the environment.

The following are more reasons you should trust BoV as your first choice for aerosols and airless packaging.

Product Emptying – up to 100% product emptying!

Unlike traditional aerosols, BoV keeps product separate from propellants at all times thanks to an FDA-approved laminated bag installed inside the aluminum can. Because the product is in a flexible pouch, the propellant (compressed air or nitrogen) is able to squeeze the bag until almost 100% of the product is dispensed. Unlike traditional aerosols, which may run out of propellant before all of the product is dispensed.


As opposed to flammable propellants used in traditional aerosol systems, BoV uses compressed air or nitrogen to push the product out of the Bag on Valve system. This is possible because unlike traditional aerosols, BoV propellants will not mix with the product.

Product Types

In the medical sector Bag on Valve products are able to dispense as either; liquid, gel, ointment or cream. In some cases, companies can turn their pharmaceutical cream into a spray by using the BoV system. The versatility of BoV even allows products to have several other benefits;

  • Sprayed evenly at all angles

  • No pumping motion required

  • Reduced spray noise

  • Longer shelf life for oxygen-sensitive products

  • Suitable for both liquid and viscous products

  • Can be used with standard actuators and aerosol cans

Production & Environment

Bag on Valve technology is suitable for clean room production and medical products. Companies, such as Aurena Laboratories, incorporate the clean room manufacturing process into their BoV packaging, so they can produce safe and sterile products for customers.

Are you ready to switch from traditional aerosol to Bag on Valve? Contact Aurena Laboratories for more information.


Bag on Valve Medical Devices vs Medicines

What’s the difference between a pharmaceutical and a medical device?

Pharmaceuticals, also known as medicines, are designed to interact with the body’s metabolic or immune system and therefore, take a lengthy amount of time to gain approvals and pass regulatory standards. Medical devices, on the other hand are physical and mechanical in nature and are usually have a shorter approval process. So, by choosing a medical device, products can often make it from the lab to the shelf much quicker.

With regulations becoming much more stringent and the demand for medical devices becomes greater, more companies are turning to Bag on Valve as an innovative solution for their product packaging.

The following is a brief slide show describing the difference between medicines and medical devices and why Bag on Valve is the optimal solution for medical device products.

Are you ready to use Bag on Valve for your medical device packaging? Contact Aurena Laboratories for more information.

Bag on Valve Eye Wash Sprays for Occupational Safety

Studies have shown that exposure to a hazardous substance, in particular a corrosive substance, should be treated within the first ten to fifteen seconds. Even bydelaying treatment by a few seconds could be the difference between a serious injury and a close call.

This is why emergency eye wash stations are becoming more and more mandatory in most workplaces. With the new Eye Wash Sprays in Bag on Valve packaging the high pressure from the aerosol can quickly flushes the hazardous substance out of the eye and reduces the potential for long term damage.

Bag on Valve Eye Wash Sprays

Bag on Valve technology is a modern aerosol spray packaging that allows companies to keep their eye wash product

bag on valve aerosol eyewash

separate from the aerosol propellant at all times, keeping the product that enters their eyes pure.

The following are reasons why Bag on Valve is the number one choice for occupational safety aerosol eye wash sprays: