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The Importance of Barrier Laminates in Bag-On-Valve Packaging

We’ve already shared with you how bag-on-valve (BOV) technology keeps the product separate from the propellant. But did you know about the importance and role of the multiple layers of laminates in the bag?

The concept of bag-on-valve technology is the combination of an airless one-way valve system and modern barrier pouch packaging. The BOV laminated films creates a barrier that prevents interaction between the product and the environment. This means oxygen, dust, contamination, light, mechanical impact, gas and moisture are not exposed to the product. The result is a protected and in some cases sterile product.

What makes the lamination films special?

The barrier laminations used in bag-on-valve typically consist of a four material layer with adhesives in between. Extensive research has gone into developing these laminates and each layer has a specific purpose that guarantees the chemical and mechanical resistance based on the filled product. Below is a graphic describing the layers of the lamination film used in a typical BOV product.

Barrier laminations used in bag-on-valve typically consist of a four material layer with adhesives in between

How are the laminates made?

The bag-on-valve laminated films arrives to the BOV component manufacturers in large rolls. In the bag-on-valve production process, the laminate is folded and welded into a pouch, which is then welded to the aerosol valve. This makes a hermetically sealed BOV package. Each BOV is then leak tested in the production line before being shipped to the customers for product filling.

The laminated films in BOV products from Aurena comes mainly from the leading laminate supplier Amcor. They are today the premier source of laminates for the international BOV-industry.

If you would like to partner with Aurena to manufacture your medical device into bag-on-valve packaging, please contact us to make it possible.

Manufacturing of BoV Products

Bag-on-Valve (BoV) is a barrier packaging technology for companies with liquid or viscous products, looking to stand out from the competition.

Why not use traditional aerosols? In comparison to traditional aerosols, BoV separates your product from the propellant, keeping your product pure. BoV packaging is 100% recyclable, leaving a low ecological footprint. And most importantly, Bag-on-Valve is convenient and reliable for the end user.

Still not convinced? The following is a brief overview of how companies, like Aurena Laboratories manufacture and package Bag-on-Valve products.

How the Bag-on-Valve manufacturing process works

Bag on Valve Contract ManufacturersStandard BoV packaging covers a broad range from 30 to 500ml containers. Typically, BoV uses standard and fully recyclable aerosol aluminium cans with 1 inch can openings, together with foil-based packaging bags of multi-layer film laminates (for instance PET/ALU/OPA/PP). The bag is welded to the aerosol valve, which is crimped to the aerosol can in the filling process.

When the valve is crimped to the can the propellant, compressed air or nitrogen, is  filled into the area between the bag and the can, keeping product and propellant separate at all times. This pressurising process is called under the cup gassing (UTC). The product in the bag encompasses 60 per cent of the can’s brim capacity, while the remaining 40 per cent is occupied by the propellant.

The benefits of BoV Manufacturing (more…)

Aluminum, the #1 choice for Bag on Valve for the Pharma industry

Bag on Valve Environmental BenefitsDid you know that according to the International Aluminum Institute, aluminum is infinitely recyclable? Of the 1 billion tons of aluminum ever produced, about 75% of that is still in use. An article written by the National Geographic states that recycling old cans into new ones uses 95% less energy and produces 95% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than producing new cans entirely from scratch. In fact, the recovered aluminum processed in a typical year saves the energy equivalent of 1.3 billion gallons of gasoline.

With the growing demand for Bag on Valve products, manufacturing companies, such as Aurena Laboratories AB are looking for the most cost effective and environmentally sound materials to produce their products.  Aluminum is the material of choice for pharmaceutical companies looking for a packaging container that gives a low ecological footprint. (more…)

Bag on Valve in Over-the-Counter products

Every day more and more consumers are switching from prescription to nonprescription health care products. Tax based health care services are increasing costs, government regulations are becoming more invasive, making it more difficult to release new products to the market.  With this industry shift, the Over-the-counter product trend has grown rapidly as it offers convenient and affordable healthcare products for the consumers.

Over-the-counter, also known as “OTC” is medicine (drug)  products or medical devices which can be purchased without a prescription. In many countries, OTC drugs are selected by a regulatory agency to ensure that they are ingredients that are safe and effective when used without aphysician’s care.

Bag on Valve Infographic

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