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Why bag-on-valve is a superior aerosol

When choosing a dispensing solution for your pharmaceutical, cosmetic or nutritional product, there are many traditional solutions available: jars, tubes, aerosols, just to name a few. But why not consider the many benefits of modern bag-on-valve aerosol technology?

The following is a brief slide presentation describing the benefits of bag-on-valve over traditional aerosol. Read through to find out why many of our partners are now enjoying this superior technology for their brands.


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Aluminum Aerosol Sprays

It’s no secret that with the threat of climate change, the need to recycle has become greater. Countries have made impressive infrastructure changes to prevent citizens from retiring recycleable materials in a landfill. And, companies, such as pharmaceutical manufacturers are taking on the responsibility of reducing their ecological footprint through innovative and creative changes in company culture and manufacturing process.

Bag on Valve (BoV), an aerosol packaging used by contract manufacturing companies, like Aurena Laboratories, is another example of innovative company that use aluminum for their product cans. By using aluminum they are able to make lightweight, flexible products and no other material obstructs light, air (oxygen), damp and germs like aluminum does.

Did you know that aluminum is considered to be almost unlimited as a metal resource? Over 8% of the earth’s surface consists of aluminum. And, unlike metals used in traditional aerosols, aluminum can be used over and over again.

The need for change is critical with companies, as citizens and countries are taking big steps to ensure a green future. That is why Bag on Valve and aluminium cans should be your next choice for aerosol spray packaging.

Want to learn more? Take a look at this presentation, developed by Aurena Laboratories.

Custom Label Opportunities for Aerosol Packaging

In the world of over the counter (OTC) medical devices and pharmaceutical aerosols it’s rather difficult to stand out on the shelf of a drugstore or super market – row upon row of aerosol cans will hide a companies product, much like a brick on a wall.

However, Bag on Valve has a solution. Have you considered using Bag on Valve’s custom labelling to catch and hold consumer interest?

Want to learn more about Bag on Valve custom labelling and packaging? Read our blog; Decoration Opportunities with BoV Products.

Recycling of Bag-on-Valve Packaging

Bag on Valve Aluminum CanAccording to the Aluminum Association, recovering aluminum for recycling saves money and dramatically reduces energy consumption. Recycling aluminum cans saves 95 percent of the energy needed to produce aluminum from bauxite ore, as well as natural resources.

Bag on Valve (BoV) packaging stand out from the competition, not only because it is convenient for the end user and keeps the product and propellant separate at the same time, but they are an environmentally sustainable solution for products like medical spray applications.

Aluminum Technology in Bag on Valve Packaging

The BoV packaging is primarily made of aluminum. With a possible emptying rate, close to 100 percent there are virtually no product residues left in an used-up BoV product, while a low pressure of air or nitrogen will remain in the empty can. So, recycling aluminum cans using bag on valve technology is made simple and harmful chemicals don’t make it into the landfills.

Depending on the local regulations for aerosols, recycling of BoV products are handled differently in different states or countries. However, they usually fit into the recycling programmes of most countries. Aluminium has a high recycling value and can be recycled over and over without loss of quality. That’s why approximately 75 percent of the aluminium ever produced is still in use today.

Aluminium recycling requires up to 95 percent less energy and only emits 5 percent of the greenhouse gases than primary aluminium production. Still, aerosol cans are made of virgin aluminium even though they could hopefully be manufactured from recycled aluminium instead.


Medicines and medical devices in Bag-on-Valve

As many of you may already know Bag on Valve (BoV) is a versatile packaging solution, used for a variety of products, from food to medical barrier sprays.

A growing use for the Bag-on-Valve system is with medical products classified as drugs or over the counter medical devices. As opposed to traditional aerosols, BoV maintains your products integrity, keeping your product separated from the propellant at all times. Therefore, customers can trust the quality and consistency of the product when using BoV pharma and medical devices.

Product classifications

In the healthcare marketplace you find products that are classified as:

  • pharmaceuticals

  • herbal products

  • homeopathic remedies

  • cosmetics

  • biocides

  • medical devices (more…)

Decoration opportunities with BoV products

Aurena Customer Service Manager Åsa Nordvall

The following blog post was written by the Aurena Customer Service Manager and Bag-on-Valve packaging expert, Åsa Nordvall.

In today’s market, companies will go through extensive efforts to get the right shelf height in super markets or product placement in drug stores. But, have you thought about using high-quality graphics to catch and hold consumer interest?

The innovative form of packaging, Bag on Valve (BoV) offers a number of benefits, including; convenience to the end user, can be sprayed at all angles and is fully recyclable. But, it also stands out due to it’s unique sizes and customizable labelling designs.

The BOV packaging offer opportunities to stand out on the shelf

In the OTC-market, BoV aerosol products are often packed in a printed carton box together with a patient information leaflet.

However, the aluminium container itself can be decorated in ways that may eliminate the need for secondary packaging. The following are common decorating options for bag on valve products. (more…)