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medical adhesive remover sprayMedical Adhesive Remover Sprays in Bag-on-Valve (BoV) packaging makes removal of medical adhesive removal quick and painless, due to it’s superior distribution that can be evenly sprayed at all angles.

How do you use a Bag on Valve Medical Adhesive Remover?

Just spray around the edge of the adhesive and wait a few seconds. The adhesive removers are formulated using modern no-sting silicones and allows for quick and pain free removal of many adhesive products.

What can you use a Bag on Valve Medical Adhesive Remover for?

They work very well to remove stome pouches, wound dressings and other medical adhesives. They also dries quickly and can be sprayed at any angle.

Bag on Valve: With total separation from the can, your product holds it integrity.
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