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A tastier way of packing

Maximum taste – minimal calories.

Cooking sprays have become a very popular ingredient in diet cooking. A Bag-on-Valve aerosol is guaranteed to produce the thin and even layer of olive oil, garlic flavor or parmesan cheese desired.

Longer shelf-life.

Spray dispensing means getting many servings out of each container. That, in turn, makes long shelf life an important consumer benefit. For oxygen sensitive products, such as Omega 3 supplements, the difference achieved with Bag-on-Valve is even more significant.

Up to 100% product emptying.

The superior emptying properties of the Bag-on-Valve aerosol give your customer more value for money. And help to reduce the amount of household waste.


Fish Oil Supplement – a sensitive well-doer.

Increasing numbers of health conscious consumers know the benefits of consuming fish oil for their optimum health. Dietary supplements in the form of gelatine capsules or in pure lipid form has been the traditional means of eating this.

However, many don’t like it and may even shy away as consumers of healthy oils due to the inconvenience of swallowing bulky capsules or rancid, fish tasting oils.

Our Fish Oil Supplement is an excellent alternative. The unique and patented fish oil emulsion is packed in the innovative Bag-on-Valve system, which makes it easy to consume and offers longer shelf life without preservatives.

Bag-on-valve is suitable for products such as

  • Cooking oils
  • Cheeses
  • Flavor sprays
  • Food supplements