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What pharma companies can learn from the success of bag-on-valve sunscreen

Bag-on-valve technology allows sunscreen to be sprayed from any angle.

Picture this: you’ve just arrived to a sunny destination and are digging in your suitcase for sunscreen. You discover that your bottled lotion-based products have leaked all over your beach wear. Now you have a mess to deal with and have lost much of the sun protection that you needed for the week.

Is the packaging of your lotion, cream or gel-based product causing this problem for your customers? We’re here to tell you that modern options exist to make application, effectiveness and even transport easier and worry-free for your customers. The solution is bag-on-valve.

The success of bag-on-valve for consumer products

Bag-on-valve has been a huge success in sunscreen sprays, particularly in the US and Canada. Coppertone was the first big brand to launch it, but now it is readily available by many brands including store brands and private label brands. Recognizing the success of bag-on-valve for sunscreen, prompted Vaseline to introduce their Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer. This is a significant innovation in consumer product application, allowing the user to apply lotion from any angle without the need to rub it in.

What does this mean for your pharma spray products?

Apply sunscreen without having to rub it in when using a product with bag-on-valve technology.

The key benefits and selling features for sunscreen and moisturizers in bag-on-valve are the same for those buying or using pharma spray products:

  • Continuous spray at any angle: makes application easy for those with mobility issues or with wounds or skin care issues that are difficult to reach

  • No need to rub in the product: allows for comfortable application without cross contaminating

  • No chilling or stinging effect: minimizes pain

  • Attractive packaging: makes your product stand out on store shelves

  • The can doesn’t leak: a convenient, worry-free experience

The other important benefit of bag-on-valve technology is the guarantee of product integrity due to how it’s packaged. Imagine offering your customers a sterile continuous eye wash spray for emergency first aid use, or a saline-based nasal spray that makes cleaning the nasal cavity gentle and convenient? It’s possible with bag-on-valve.

Learn from what sunscreen brands have already embraced and consider bag-on-valve technology for your pharma spray product. Contact us to make it happen.

Bag-on-valve feature in Spray Magazine

We are proud to be featured in a recent issue of Spray Magazine, with an article that highlights the integrity of bag-on-valve products. Click the image below to read the full article. For more information, contact us to discuss opportunities to innovate your medical device into bag-on-valve.

Aurena Laboratories is proud to be featured in a recent issue of Spray Magazine featuring bag-on-valve products.