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The next evolution of bag-on-valve: plastic

Bag-on-valve (BOV) is an innovative aerosol spray technology, appealing to those that expect a superior spray with benefits beyond the traditional aerosol. BOV is a spray system that uses a flexible pouch in combination with standard aluminium or tinplate aerosol cans. The limitations to only use standard aerosols cans has prevented some companies from choosing BOV technology, despite recognizing its many benefits.

Introducing PET Aerosol Technology

APPE has recently introduced a plastic alternative to standard aerosol cans. This new technology offers a real alternative for manufacturers seeking a unique branding opportunity that is practical, cost effective and sustainable. The aerosol container, called ‘SprayPET’ is lightweight and offers a lower carbon footprint (up to 65% as stated by APPE).

APPE Aerosols

Other benefits of SprayPET include:

  • Lower weight
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Easily recyclable
  • Cost effective
  • Lower lifetime cost of ownership
  • No rusting or denting
  • Design and shape flexibility
  • More tactile

In keeping with our commitment to innovation, Aurena Labs will be offering the SprayPET technology for their clients.  Contact Aurena Labs to learn more and to discuss your project.