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Bag on Valve Medical Devices vs Medicines

What’s the difference between a pharmaceutical and a medical device?

Pharmaceuticals, also known as medicines, are designed to interact with the body’s metabolic or immune system and therefore, take a lengthy amount of time to gain approvals and pass regulatory standards. Medical devices, on the other hand are physical and mechanical in nature and are usually have a shorter approval process. So, by choosing a medical device, products can often make it from the lab to the shelf much quicker.

With regulations becoming much more stringent and the demand for medical devices becomes greater, more companies are turning to Bag on Valve as an innovative solution for their product packaging.

The following is a brief slide show describing the difference between medicines and medical devices and why Bag on Valve is the optimal solution for medical device products.

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Bag on Valve Eye Wash Sprays for Occupational Safety

Studies have shown that exposure to a hazardous substance, in particular a corrosive substance, should be treated within the first ten to fifteen seconds. Even bydelaying treatment by a few seconds could be the difference between a serious injury and a close call.

This is why emergency eye wash stations are becoming more and more mandatory in most workplaces. With the new Eye Wash Sprays in Bag on Valve packaging the high pressure from the aerosol can quickly flushes the hazardous substance out of the eye and reduces the potential for long term damage.

Bag on Valve Eye Wash Sprays

Bag on Valve technology is a modern aerosol spray packaging that allows companies to keep their eye wash product

bag on valve aerosol eyewash

separate from the aerosol propellant at all times, keeping the product that enters their eyes pure.

The following are reasons why Bag on Valve is the number one choice for occupational safety aerosol eye wash sprays: