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Medicines and medical devices in Bag-on-Valve

As many of you may already know Bag on Valve (BoV) is a versatile packaging solution, used for a variety of products, from food to medical barrier sprays.

A growing use for the Bag-on-Valve system is with medical products classified as drugs or over the counter medical devices. As opposed to traditional aerosols, BoV maintains your products integrity, keeping your product separated from the propellant at all times. Therefore, customers can trust the quality and consistency of the product when using BoV pharma and medical devices.

Product classifications

In the healthcare marketplace you find products that are classified as:

  • pharmaceuticals

  • herbal products

  • homeopathic remedies

  • cosmetics

  • biocides

  • medical devices (more…)

Manufacturing of BoV Products

Bag-on-Valve (BoV) is a barrier packaging technology for companies with liquid or viscous products, looking to stand out from the competition.

Why not use traditional aerosols? In comparison to traditional aerosols, BoV separates your product from the propellant, keeping your product pure. BoV packaging is 100% recyclable, leaving a low ecological footprint. And most importantly, Bag-on-Valve is convenient and reliable for the end user.

Still not convinced? The following is a brief overview of how companies, like Aurena Laboratories manufacture and package Bag-on-Valve products.

How the Bag-on-Valve manufacturing process works

Bag on Valve Contract ManufacturersStandard BoV packaging covers a broad range from 30 to 500ml containers. Typically, BoV uses standard and fully recyclable aerosol aluminium cans with 1 inch can openings, together with foil-based packaging bags of multi-layer film laminates (for instance PET/ALU/OPA/PP). The bag is welded to the aerosol valve, which is crimped to the aerosol can in the filling process.

When the valve is crimped to the can the propellant, compressed air or nitrogen, is  filled into the area between the bag and the can, keeping product and propellant separate at all times. This pressurising process is called under the cup gassing (UTC). The product in the bag encompasses 60 per cent of the can’s brim capacity, while the remaining 40 per cent is occupied by the propellant.

The benefits of BoV Manufacturing (more…)

Decoration opportunities with BoV products

Aurena Customer Service Manager Åsa Nordvall

The following blog post was written by the Aurena Customer Service Manager and Bag-on-Valve packaging expert, Åsa Nordvall.

In today’s market, companies will go through extensive efforts to get the right shelf height in super markets or product placement in drug stores. But, have you thought about using high-quality graphics to catch and hold consumer interest?

The innovative form of packaging, Bag on Valve (BoV) offers a number of benefits, including; convenience to the end user, can be sprayed at all angles and is fully recyclable. But, it also stands out due to it’s unique sizes and customizable labelling designs.

The BOV packaging offer opportunities to stand out on the shelf

In the OTC-market, BoV aerosol products are often packed in a printed carton box together with a patient information leaflet.

However, the aluminium container itself can be decorated in ways that may eliminate the need for secondary packaging. The following are common decorating options for bag on valve products. (more…)