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Packaging: Keep your Product’s Integrity

Bag On Valve Spray CanIntegrity can be defined as being “the quality or state of being complete or undivided” – Meridian Webster.

With the one-way dispensing valve, total separation of product and propellant and a bag with superior barrier properties, Bag-on-Valve offers an optimal packaging solution for many health care products.

As an airless, one-way valve system, no contamination will come from outside the bag. Thus, BoV offers complete oxygen protection, microbiological safety and possible product sterility throughout the entire shelf-life.

New life of Pharma Products using BoV

Putting your product into BoV packaging can improve your product, increase the marketing opportunities, and add new claims to the formulation. For many products formulated for BoV the amount of preservatives needed will be very low and may in some cases be excluded altogether. For sterile products it is possible to arrange aseptic filling or use gamma irradiation to achieve sterility. The propellants eliminate the need for pumping out the content, which often is a great advantage compared to, for example, pump sprays or trigger sprays. Instead the content can be sprayed, smoothly and evenly, giving the user perfect control over the administration of the product.

If you are a product manager for an innovative marketing company, you may be able to challenge established brands by using this alternative spraying technology.

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