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Growing Demand for Saline Spray Products in Bag on Valve

A segment in which has been especially successful on some markets in recent years, is Bag on Valve aerosol sprays with different kinds of saline solutions. This growth has been brought on by the wide range of saline based products available on the market, complemented by the benefits of Bag on Valve technology.

Why use saline solutions in Bag on Valve packaging?

Saline solutions offer a number of benefits for the consumer:

  • User friendly

  • Inexpensive

  • Effective

  • Can be sold as OTC-products

Given these advantages, Bag on Valve (BoV) Contract Manufacturer’s (CMO’s), such as Aurena Laboratories, have recognized the opportunity to develop superior (more…)

Diversify your product line with BOV

In the pharma industry, there is an increased interest in giving old products new, more convenient applications, as well as finding niches for totally new products using Bag-on-Valve (BoV) technology for packaging and administration. Applications now cover a wide variety of  drug delivery products and disinfectant sprays, among others. There is a slow but growing consumer awareness regarding BoV products. Global volumes increase from year to year, replacing typical pump and dispensing sprays as well as traditional aerosols.

Bag on Valve, a Diverse Range of Pharmaceutical Applications

With its many dispensing possibilities, BoV is suitable for direct dispensing, even in such sensitive areas as eyes or ears or with children. After an eye accident, for Bag on Valve Systeminstance, it is very important to rinse the eye in the first seconds. BoV portable eyewash spray makes a good choice when a piped eye wash station is not available. With a 240ml can, equipped with a spray actuator giving a very soft spray, it is now possible to flush the eye constantly for more than 15 minutes. But it doesn’t stop at eye washes, Bag on Valve can be used for a wide range of pharmaceutical and over the counter (OTC) products, including: (more…)